Valpolicella Ripasso Doc Classico Superiore

“La Cengia”

This wine is made with the “ripasso” technique, that consists in re-fermenting (pouring over “ripassare”) the Valpolicella wine on the fermented pressed Amarone della Valpolicella grapes and/or Recioto della Valpolicella grapes, during the latter’s racking period.

AGING: for the correct time in the cellar and then in bottle.

GRAPES: according to the production regulations of Valpolicella Ripasso DOC.

PRODUCTION AREA: our vineyards spread out on the hillsides and foothills in the heart of the Valpolicella classica area, on silty, clay soil.

TASTING NOTE: Deep ruby red colour, with garnet red reflections. Vinous and intense bouquet. Dry bold smooth flavor.

ALCOHOL CONTENT: 14/14.5% vol.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: ideal with most dishes, and particularly with meat.

SERVICE: should be served at a temperature of about 16/18 °C.

BOTTLE: 0.750 liters.

PACKAGING: cartons with 12 bottles, weighing approx. 15 kg.

The data shown is purely indicative and may vary depending on the year